Come & enjoy the vast diversity of Costa Rican orchids!!

Approximately 450 different species of native Costa Rican orchids plus the smallest orchid in the world (< 1 mm)

Monteverde Orchid Garden

Monteverde Orchid Garden

The Monteverde Orchid Garden is a place where you can enjoy beauty that is found in the marvelous world of orchids. At the garden you will be given a warm welcome. Our garden is all at open air were you will have a direct contact with different ecosystems found in Monteverde, but primarily our great orchid collection.

Our garden has a large collection of orchids; we have more than 425 different species. Each species is identified with its scientific name next to it. In the collection you can find species that are endemic to Monteverde, and a collection of miniature orchids, including the smallest one in the world. We offer guided walks both in English and Spanish. The trails are also accessible to people who have physical disabilities. We are in a great location in down town Santa Elena.

This is a project for the investigation and education for the conservation of orchids. This is one the largest collections of native species in all of Costa Rica. The Orchid Garden has several facilities:

  • We have a large parking lot, for any type of vehicle.

  • We have wide and cemented trails, which can be accessed by people who have any type of physical disability, even wheelchairs.

  • The garden has a surface area of 1000m2 filled with tropical vegetation.

  • Our guides are bilingual, both fluent in English and Spanish, and high educated in orchid information.

  • Our restrooms are built for people who have any type physical disabilities.

  • All of the species are identified with their scientific name next to it, visible for the public.

  • In our garden you can also see lots of species of birds, butterflies and insects, al in their natural habitat.